7 Unexpected Ways to Make an Impact for Your Business

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Business Management, Marketing

Let’s say you’ve tried so many ways to bring in leads and sales to your business, but your efforts have not been working out that much. You’ll have to take some time every week to evaluate how to make things even better. Developing your knowledge and skills will help you expand your horizons in business. Make a feasible plan that maximises your resources to boost productivity and ROI. Besides the usual things that you should do to get more sales, here are unexpected methods that can increase your brand reach and business success.

  1. Forums

Take note of online forums that specialise in your niche. Share your content or links to those forums. Do remember that you have to follow the guidelines of the forums and do not oversell. You might be seen as spammy if you overpost your link. Build momentum on those forums by commenting on other people’s posts and only post your product links if you think it can truly help with the members’ concerns. You can gain the trust of everyone in the forum this way and recommend your business efficiently.

  1. Guest posts

Guest blogging allows you to piggyback on the traffic of top blogs or websites and get more exposure for your business. Make a list of blogs or websites and email their owners if they would allow you to guest post. Some people will welcome the additional content freely, while others might ask for monetary exchange. Once you’ve made a deal with them, you can submit a blog post that they will publish on their site. You can ask them to add your business link somewhere in the body of the article or place it in your author’s bio. This can be a source of evergreen traffic because your content will be read by the website’s subscriber base and daily traffic. 

  1. Quora

Quora is another site that can be a great source of traffic to your landing pages. There are 2.1 million visitors per day on Quora, and these people are searching for answers to their concerns. If you can provide expert advice to them, you can post your links somewhere in your post as long as it’s in line with what a user is asking for. Other internet users who search for the same question will also see the Quora post and are more likely to follow your expert advice. Neil Patel also shared stats wherein he was able to garner more than 9000 views per month through Quora.


  1. Network at Industry Events

Your marketing efforts don’t have to end online. You can promote your business with potential partners at events or gatherings. If you can find an opportunity to introduce them to the solutions provided by your company, email or send them your links. If people give you their business cards, take the chance to email them as well. 

  1.  Go for Influencers and Opinion Leaders

Determine which individuals carry some clout in your target market. Seek to engage them in a potential collaboration or partnership. You can attract an audience or potential followers for your business through the influencer’s following. Consistently work with influencers as this will allow you to draw a highly targeted audience for your online content. 

  1.  Branch Out To Other Related Niches

You don’t have to stick to your niche or target market to get some clout for your brand. For example, if you have a skincare brand, you can seek out people who are into lifestyle or makeup to get them interested in your products. Take some time to research your market. Know what your customers want and how you can solve other people’s problems before they even need a solution for it.

  1.   Ensure the Progress of Your Marketing or Networking

Here’s a simple and straightforward template to help you achieve your business goals. 

  • Indicate Your Target Market: For example, it could be B2C businesses in your city or region.
  • Number of People to Target/Day: Determine how many people you should contact per day to promote your brand. Examples for this are 30 people/day or 50 people/day.
  •  Content Checklist: Indicate which types of content you’ll be doing, and check them off your list if you’ve created them.
  •  Frequency of content creation and posting: Jot down how often you should create content and post it on social media.
  •  Other marketing strategies: Note down other marketing tactics you should use in promoting your product links.
  • Daily Routine of Tasks: Schedule your daily tasks and follow through with them. As you build up your efforts over time, you’ll be able to get a wider reach and bring more traffic back to your website.
  • Weekly and Monthly Targets: Give yourself feasible targets to reach every week and month. For example, if you want to reach 200 customers per month, write it down to be reminded of it. You can also note how many referrals or paying customers you should secure by the end of the month.
  •  Tracking Campaigns: List your types of marketing campaigns and document the results of your efforts.

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Improve with Fewer Risks

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The Requirements for Getting an Unsecured Business Loan

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Business Bank Statements

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Photo ID

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